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Proactive Homeowner’s Guide: Protecting Against Building, Plumbing and Gas Violations

person inspecting a plumbing setup to avoid getting a building violation

Introduction: As a homeowner, ensuring the safety and compliance of your property is paramount. Building, plumbing and gas violations can pose significant risks if left unaddressed. In this blog, we’ll discuss proactive steps homeowners can take to protect themselves from these potential hazards. 1. Understanding Building, Plumbing and Gas Violations: Building, plumbing and gas violations … Read more

Local Law 152: Latest Updates and Essential Information 2024

gas valve with large metal wheel between two gas pipes in compliance with local law 152

Introduction: Understanding and unraveling Local Law 152 in NYC in 2024 In the dynamic landscape of city regulations, Local Law 152 stands as a significant measure aimed at ensuring the safety and integrity of gas piping systems in New York City. As property owners and managers navigate the intricacies of compliance, staying informed about the … Read more

From Inspection to Correction: Navigating Building Violations NYC

A rusted leaking plumbing pipe at the valve joint

When it comes to plumbing violations removal in NYC, ensuring compliance with safety and building code standards from the New York City Department of Buildings (DOB) is crucial. From minor repairs to major installations, understanding the plumbing permit process is essential. If you find yourself grappling with building violations correction in NYC amidst the hustle … Read more